Tristar VE-5978 Pöytätuuletin 40 cm
Tristar VE-5978 Pöytätuuletin 40 cm

Tristar VE-5978 Pöytätuuletin 40 cm

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Tristar VE-5978 Erikois suuri ja tehokas pöytätuuletin

Saatavuus 550 kpl

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Stay cool during the warm summer days with the Tristar table fan. With a powerful but silent motor of 50 Watts and a 16 inch diameter this fan will bring you constant cool air. It has three different speed setting so you can choose the airflow most comfortable for you.

Simple settings
The Tristar table fan is compact and has an appealing design. You can choose between three air flows with the easy to press buttons at the base of the fan. This is especially convenient if the fan is oscillating. Due to its silent fan perfect to use in the bedroom.

Easy to move
Due to its modest weight the Tristar table fan is easy to lift and carry. You can use it at home or in the office as a desk fan. The fan is stable thanks to the anti-slip feet. It can oscillate 80 degrees so it cools the air in a large area. If you would like to stop the oscillating you can easily do so with the button on the back of the fan.

Reasons to choose the Tristar Table fan:

  • 50 Watt motor for a powerful air flow
  • Three different speed settings for your convenience
  • Easy to move due to the modest weight
  • Oscillating range of 80 degrees for a larger cooling area
  • Safe to use with anti-slip feet and overheat protection




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